Wedding Cakes

With some of the wedding cakes you will see pictures of different variations of the same cake. I find it quite useful to see how a single design can be changed around. This is possible with all of the cakes.

For many of the cakes I have included additional thumbnail images (beneath the main image) which zoom in on the detail of that particular cake. Please click on these thumbnail images to enlarge them.



Camper Van

Little sugar figures and a very sweet VW camper van sit against a backdrop of straight sides, sharp edges, and just a little hint of bling.



Ombré Lace

This design was inspired by the beautiful lace work of Zoe Clark, and uses some lovely little flower cutters I bought years ago to use on my very first tiered cake. A gentle pink ombré effect echoes throughout the cake, courtesy of one of my favourite caking tools, my airbrush.



Butterfly and Orchids

Subtle two tone striping and delicate cake lace used just a bit differently feature on this tall clean lined cake. The colours in the Cake Halliday butterfly influenced the colours in the centre of each orchid.



Magnolia and Ruffles (4 tier)

Sea greens and blues are my favourite favourite colours. I love the ombré effect of this cake and its bold colouring. Stylised sugar magnolias are among my favourite sugar flowers, displayed here in unusual colours to coordinate with the cake. This cake looks just as good in a 3, 2 or 1 tier style.



Magnolia and Ruffles (3 tier)



Magnolia and Ruffles (2 tier)



Single Tier Magnolia




This cake was inspired by the talented cake designers at Don’t Tell Charles. Just a little bit different to the norm.


Inset Ruffles (3 tier)

I used amazing edible fabric on this cake in quite a unique way – inset into the sides of the cake – so the clean vertical lines of the cake aren’t interrupted. The result is something minimal and bold.



Inset Ruffles (2 tier)




This cake was recreated from a design by the awesomely talented Rik at cakelava, with kind permission. I love everything about this cake – the colours, the design elements, the way it is all put together. The result is something which is unique and striking.




This cake was in fact Mollie’s christening cake, but my brain easily sees this as a wedding cake with its delicate flowers, watercolour painting and edible gold leaf.




This cake was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Most definitely not traditional.



Silver Hat

Version 2 of the Alice hat, this time in monochrome. I love the feathers. Approximately 3000 hand made cuts in the wafer paper to create these little chappies.



Book Stack

A wedding cake doesn’t have to be a tall tiered affair. I took great care over this book stack cake to try to make it look as realistic was possible. My favourite sea greens and blues sneak into this one too!



L & I

I loved making this cake. I coloured the wafer paper by hand using a combination of freehand painting, stencilling and airbrushing, resulting in something just a little bit unique. (So many thumbnail pics to click  on as each face was different).



Tartan & Sparkles

This was the birthday cake that inspired the wedding cake, made for a mother and daughter whose special birthdays were separated by less than a month.




With its double height middle tier this cake is actually a 4 tier disguised as a 3. Boldly coloured in deepest plum, a combination of watercolour and paint splashing along with an isomalt topper and just one or two strategically placed sugar pearls combine to give this cake its striking look.


Cupcake Tower

My fabulous 7 tier cupcake tower holds up to 123 Cake Halliday sized cupcakes and is available to hire. Cupcakes can be created in any colour scheme, any design.