Wedding Cakes

Prices start at £300 for a simply decorated 3 tier wedding cake, increasing with the number and size of tiers and the complexity of decoration. Because each of my cakes is uniquely made and tailored to the individual, the price varies according to how much work/time is required to create the design. During a wedding cake consultation I would take some details from you regarding your cake wishes and ideas, and from this I would be able to produce one or two cake sketches for you showing different design and price options.  

Celebration Cakes

Prices for single tier celebration cakes start from £80 for a round cake, increasing with cake size and complexity of decoration. Prices for a 2 tier cake start from £150.

My ‘quickest’ celebration cakes take between 17 and 20 hours to complete (I time myself), and it is not unusual for me to spend 40 hours working on a celebration cake. The more detailed cakes take up to 60 hours to complete, and the occasional OTT creation may take me in excess of 100 hours. When you buy a cake from me, it is costed by the amount of time it takes me to create, and the time my cakes take is simply a reflection of the care and attention to detail I put into each one.

Simple but Beautiful: 17 hours to create this cake
All Bells and Whistles: 60 hours to create this cake


Sugar Figures

Sugar figures can add a lovely personal element to your cake. I strive to create figures that reflect the look and personality of the individual or individuals and have also been known to make mini sugar pets to sit with their family! This work however is time consuming and each figure takes between 6 and 10 hours to model. Pricing starts at £50 for each sugar person and £15 for an animal. I do realise that this may seem like a lot, but it’s simply a reflection of the time and care taken to make each sugar figure.

Sugar Abigail


Cupcakes can be broadly split into 4 different styles, with prices ranging from £1.50 to £3.00 per cupcake. The minimum order is 24. The photographs below show examples of each style/price.

Buttercream swirl, either plain or with simple decoration, £1.50
Buttercream swirl with bespoke decoration, £2.00-£2.50
Sugarpaste with simple decoration, £2.00
Sugarpaste with bespoke decoration, £2.50-£3.00


Cupcake stand hire

To complement a large batch of cupcakes I have a rather fantastic 7 tier cupcake stand available to hire for £15 (plus refundable deposit) which holds up to 123 Cake Halliday sized cupcakes. Tiers can be removed from the stand to accommodate a smaller sized batch.