Allergens and Special Dietary Requirements


The common allergens in my cakes are milk, eggs and gluten. Most cakes are nut free, with the exception of carrot cake, pistachio and rose cake and fruit cake (which is also covered with marzipan). My carrot cake contains walnuts, but is equally delicious when the nuts are omitted, making this another nut free option. My kitchen is well maintained and clean, so the risk of traces of nut being transferred to other cake flavours is low, however, no absolute nut free guarantees can be given. The sugarpaste I use, although nut free, is manufactured in a factory which handles nuts.

Special Dietary Requirements

Dairy free options are possible for a limited range of flavours. 

I can cater for gluten free, although the utensils and equipment I bake with are also used for my non-gluten free cakes. I wash most of my equipment in the dishwasher, and use very hot soapy water where this is not possible. It would be up to you to decide whether this method of working is suitable for your needs if you are coeliac for example. Shelf life of the gluten free cakes also seems to be shorter than cakes baked with regular flour, so this needs to be taken into consideration.

I’m happy to consider other specific dietary requirements on a case by case basis.